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Services Offered and Pricing Options


Nutritional therapy works together with proper exercise, lifestyle, sleep, meditation and movement, and compliments modern and traditional medicine.  


All of the nutritional therapy sessions begin with an initial evaluation where I assess your health background, current health concerns, diet, and lifestyle.  From there I am able to develop a dietary and lifestyle protocol that is specific to your needs.  The follow up sessions are designed to guide you through the process of nutritional therapy and to keep you on track with the protocol and recommendations, support you with care and coaching.  Making changes to diet and lifestyle are not an overnight process that happen immediately, habit change takes time during the follow up sessions we will address any and all concerns and strategies for success. 


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Here is a list of sample pricing and packages keep in mind prices and packages can be adjusted and tailored to specific needs and desires.   We can meet in person or virtually via zoom or facetime, or even via phone.  The functional clinical assessment is a hands-on technique which must be done in person.  

one-on-one nutritional therapy 

1-Month Program $500 


A 1 month program will allow for noticeable results and a rebalance in the body. 

Initial Evaluation-60 minutes

2 follow up sessions 20 minutes each

Unlimited email/text support

Nutrition therapy coaching and guidance

Individualized dietary protocol 

Weekly Food Plan

Supplement recommendations 

Protocol specific recipes

Shopping List

Food sourcing recommendations

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