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About Me


I am a certified Natural Chef, a certified Energy Healer, and a certified Functional Nutritional Therapist – also known as a holistic nutritionist! I also have a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from San Francisco State University. I work all over the globe, online, and with Mother Earth



I do a lot. I don't just practice one thing. Most humans do many things. I am a health coach a holistic nutritionist, and I fuse energy healing into my practice. Currently I take on a limited  amount of one-on-one personal sessions  and  groups. I am an activator and I do public speaking on healing especially healing from trauma. 



I got into healing, health and wellness because I was initiated as a young child. I grew up in chaos and experienced plenty of trauma. My spirit has been strong and I have been able to maintain decent health, and  over come. I have carved a path for myself with no trail laid before me, which means no guidance. Most of what I learned was how not to live and what not to do, that is the journey my spirit chose. I did it all on my own. I started studying how food can be the best medicine and got off processed,  and chemical foods over 27 years ago. I thought sharing this knowledge of food as medicine, could help decolonize people's ideas around food, and help people discover what foods, herbs, lifestyle, and spiritual adjustments work for them as an individual. I work from a lens that one person’s medicine can be another person’s poison. 


I have had chronic digestive issues and hormonal imbalance for years. When I discovered that food could help heal me I experience a lot of relief.  My initiation as a facilitator of healing started with the ability(medicine)  to make people smile, and laugh as a young child. When I got older I studied in institutions holistic  nutrition, herbs, flower essences, emotional wellbeing and energy healing. I learned many ways of healing which have helped heal me, and so I share.  

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