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About Me


I am a certified Natural Chef and a certified Functional Nutritional Therapist – a long-winded way of saying holistic nutritionist!  I also have a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from San Francisco State University. I am based in the East Bay and work all over the Bay Area, and beyond. We are fortunate in Northern California to have access to well-sourced local foods and holistic health options!



I offer several services. I am a health coach and nutrition consultant, both one-on-one and in groups. I am a private chef, and I am also a staff lunch chef at Three Stone Hearth in Berkeley. I am also an educator, giving workshops, food demonstrations. Few nutritionists offer my expertise in sourcing food, recipes, and cooking; few chefs have my background in holistic nutrition!



I didn’t just go to school to get a degree and collect a paycheck, I wanted to give back to others the way food has given back to me. I wanted to share my knowledge and help people discover what foods and lifestyle adjustments work best for their personal make-up, keeping in mind that one person’s medicine can be another person’s poison. 


My battle with chronic digestive issues and hormonal imbalance for years crippled me both physically and mentally. However, my lifelong passion for wellness through nutrition that started when I was a young child helped me overcome the battles I was experiencing, through a healthy diet. Finding the balance, relief, and a healthier foundation within my body through elimination diets, therapeutic cooking, and consciousness of ancestral, traditional whole foods has been life changing.  

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